Dear Village Lake Resident:

As you have been previously notified, Village Lake Apartments will be closing on August 1, 2021. Our goal is to make the process as smooth as possible for you. This page is intended to let you know who to contact with questions and to answer many of the questions you may be asking. Please let us know if further questions come to mind, and we will update this page for the benefit of all residents.

Live in Mountain View Brochure: We know that many residents may wish to stay in Mountain View. We have prepared a brochure listing nearby properties in a variety of price ranges to assist you in your search for a new apartment.
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Key Contacts:

For questions concerning your tenancy at Village Lake and for assistance finding a new apartment community in or near Mountain View:


Call the leasing Office at 650.961.3040 or email [email protected]

For questions concerning the relocation benefits being provided to residents who were living at Village Lake and therefore received our Notice of Intent on March 8, 2017:

Emily Plurkowski
Associated Right of Way Services, Inc. (AR/WS)
2300 Contra Costa Blvd., Suite 525, Pleasant Hill, CA 94523
Toll-free (800) 558-5151 • Fax (925) 691-6505
[email protected]


Frequently Asked Questions


Questions that apply to all residents regardless of when they moved in

  1. When is the last day to vacate?
August 1, 2021. No one will be required to leave before that date. 
  1. Will I be penalized if I break my lease to move out?
No.  On or after February 29, 2020, you can break your lease without penalty. Village Lake prefers that you provide a minimum of 30-days notice to vacate, but no penalties will be assessed on your security deposit or any relocation assistance you may be eligible to receive if you leave before your lease expires or provide us fewer than 30 days of notice. Regardless of when you move out, you must provide your notice to move out in writing to establish the end date of your tenancy.
  1. Can I give longer than 30 days of notice to vacate?
Yes. If you wish to provide longer than 30 days of notice to move, we will work with you so that you are comfortable with the length of your notice. See #6 for whom to contact.  No extension will be granted to vacate beyond February 28, 2021.
  1. How much of my security deposit will I get back after I vacate?
Once the Notice to Vacate to all residents has been issued, there will be no deductions for damage to the property. Other deductions allowed under the lease still apply.
  1. Can I extend my 30-day notice if needed?
Yes; however, extensions cannot go beyond February 28, 2021.  Everyone must vacate by that date.
  1. Personalized housing search services
If you feel you may need help locating suitable new housing, please contact the Village Lake office. The staff will work with you to determine your needs and desires and will use their resources and contacts, in addition to your own efforts, to identify potential housing options for you. Please inquire in the Village Lake leasing office,  call (844) 827-5596 or email [email protected].
  1. What if I can’t find a suitable unit before the required move-out date?
All households will be required to move by the date indicated in the official Notice to Vacate. No extensions will be granted. Residents are encouraged to start early to have the most time possible to secure new housing. Let us help you if you are struggling. See #6.
  1. How quickly after I vacate will I receive any funds owed to me by Village Lake?
You will receive payment within 21 days following move-out. You are encouraged to plan ahead so you have the up-front cash to secure new housing. 

Questions that apply ONLY to residents who moved in prior to March 8, 2017

(These households received our Notice of Intent and details regarding relocation payments)


  1. I have not applied for relocation payment. Is it too late?
No. You have until the day the property closes to apply. However, you are encouraged to apply as soon as possible. You will receive 50% of the funds up front, which can help you to secure new housing.
  1. Who should I contact to apply or ask questions about relocation payments?

Emily Plurkowski

Associated Right of Way Services, Inc. (AR/WS)

2300 Contra Costa Blvd., Suite 525, Pleasant Hill, CA 94523

Toll-free (800) 558-5151 • Fax (925) 691-6505

[email protected]







  1.  ​​​​​​How much relocation assistance can I receive

Fortbay/Village Lake’s relocation program exceeds City of Mountain View requirements in that every household that received the Notice of Intent issued on March 8, 2017 will receive a relocation payment if requested. The request must be made through an application process. The base payment is $10,000 and requires no documentation or qualification other than the application and determination that you received the Notice of Intent. To receive a larger payment, up to a maximum of $20,000, you will need to provide documentation of your household’s income and circumstances to determine your eligibility. Please contact ARWS (See #2 above) to inquire.

  1. How long does the income qualification process for relocation payments take?

It takes about three weeks to finalize your eligibility and receive your check for payments that are based on your income. You will receive 50% of the relocation payment at that time, and the balance will be paid within 21 days after your tenancy ends.

  1. May I receive an advance on any relocation funds I am eligible to receive?
Yes. As stated in #12, you are entitled to 50% up front after you have completed the application process. The balance of your relocation payment will be paid within 21 days after your tenancy ends.
  1. After I move out, when will I receive my relocation payment and any other funds owed to me by Village Lake
You will receive a final payment within 21 days after your tenancy ends.
  1. What if I want to return to the new development?
Any household that moved in prior to March 8, 2017 and therefore received the Notice of Intent, and which is displaced by the project by having received a One Year Notice to Vacate due to redevelopment of the site, and remains a tenant in good standing until they move out, is entitled to return to the new development in a similar type unit (eg: 1 BR or 2 BR) during initial lease-up and, for the first year, pay the same rent as they were paying at the time of moveout from Village Lake. Rents will be adjusted after that consistent with applicable laws and market conditions. Income-qualifying households can also apply for the below market rate “Teacher Housing” units during initial lease-up only. When pre-leasing begins for the new property, all eligible displaced Village Lake residents will be notified of the opening of the new development and provided instructions on how to request the “right to return” benefit.


If we have not covered your questions here, please ask!

Contact the Village Lake Office (844) 827-5596 , [email protected].